TheIndieList: Bentley Jones

Perhaps one of the most underrated people in the industry, Bentley Jones has made a name for himself on both the artist and producer/remixer circuits.  His career started in 2008, with ‘Dreams of an Absolution’ for the game Sonic the Hedgehog. In 2009, his debut album of covers of popular Japanese songs, TRANS//LATION was a hit. Not only was he the first British artist to be signed to a major Japanese label (EMI), but TRANS//LATION was the first album to have a majority recorded in the native language. Since then, Bentley has released several EP’s, a mini-album, featured tracks, remixes and more. He’s currently finishing his first original debut album for Asia, to be released before the end of this year.

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PHUNKST★R ~ Remixer Alter-ego

And now for some music.

Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones) [PHUNKSTAR REMIX – FREE DOWNLOAD]

Curtis Young – MUZIK ~Bentley Jones Remix~

Waiting for Clouds (Live Acoustic/Piano)

FREE DOWNLOADS: Devil in Headphones (PHUNKSTAR REMIX) // Finally Free – Bonus Tracks/Remixes