Songs from the Cobalt SS Club Sessions

I recently found these songs on an old CD i had gotten called Cobalt SS: The Club Sessions, to promote the Cobalt SS in Canada. The CD was mixed by DJ Storm and… Continue reading

PurelyMainstreamPlaylist; 30/4/12

I believe the title says it all. Mainly stuff I haven’t heard before or I believe most people haven’t. Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love Cody Simpson – So Listen (feat. T-Pain) Justin… Continue reading

Kap Slap – Frequent Flyer [MiXTAPE] (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Kap Slap has just released his latest mixtape today, titled ‘Frequent Flyer’. It’s a 17-track album filled with bootleg mashups of a bunch of today’s hits. Listen to the album and download it… Continue reading

B.o.B – Strange Clouds (STREAM)

B.o.B’s ready to release his sophomore album, Strange Clouds, on May 1st. Atlantic Records has put together a playlist of all tracks that have been released so far, and can be accessed here.… Continue reading

Flo Rida – Whistle

Flo Rida’s latest single, Whistles, dropped less than a week ago. It’s kind of refreshing from the more dance/club tracks that have been released before and I can see this being a major… Continue reading

He Is We – L-L-Love (DEMO)

Indie Band ‘He Is We’ released a new demo called ‘L-L-Love’ via their official Facebook page not too long ago. Let me just say that I love a lot of the stuff that… Continue reading

Learning to DJ in a different world.

I bet you never knew that this website was an idea born out of my curious mind, intrigued by DJing. I just found it so cool. I started downloading all the programs like… Continue reading

Fresh Tunes; 21/04/12

I’ve been scouring HypeMachine today and came across some tracks I just had to post. Check them out below.   Swedish House Mafia ft. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Greyhound (Kap Slap… Continue reading

Electronic Playlist; 12/04/2012

Today, I decided to go through one of my favorite music blogs, FutureSwag, and damn, I missed out on a lot. I have a few electro/dubstep tracks after scouring a couple pages. Jedi… Continue reading

Marianas Trench [Canadian Band]

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m Canadian. But seriously, I haven’t heard of Marianas Trench until now. My mind is exploding at the talent of these guys. I can’t believe myself. Right now I’m… Continue reading